H is for Hedgehogs

Yes. Hedgehogs do exist on every page of my multiverse. What can I say...I've loved them since I saw my first Steiff mini in a Wiesbaden toy store too long ago to admit. Speedwheels was born a day later while sitting under a willow tree in Nerotal park, and he's been my favorite doodle ever … Continue reading H is for Hedgehogs

The Clockwork Oracle

Greetings and Salutations! I have a bit of news to report! One of my semi short stories (not sure almost 15,000 words is shortish) is out in a new anthology, The Clockwork Oracle. David L. Drake, Katherine L. Morse, AJ Sikes, and BJ Sikes, awesome authors all, join me in this project, which chronicles the … Continue reading The Clockwork Oracle

G is for Great Library of Istavara (A to Zed of Jhrin)

Legend has it that Maralisandra Alstashevana Trientanis, Sarn of Sarns, Savior of the Nation, founded the first Great Library of Istavara soon after she united the hundred or so warring city states of the first continent into one nation.  Legends also agree that one copy of every written or recorded work, whether Istavaran or from … Continue reading G is for Great Library of Istavara (A to Zed of Jhrin)

E is For Exo-Suit (The A to Zed of Jhrin)

Exo-Suits range from simple exo-skeletal frames that augment the wearer's speed, strength, and ability to jump, to fully enclosed powered mechanical suits with high-grade armor and weaponry. Exo-Suits do have military applications, and every company worth its salt has at least one minimal Exo-Suit contingent in each weight class, but most skirmishes between nations since … Continue reading E is For Exo-Suit (The A to Zed of Jhrin)